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An integral part of any carpet installation, the humble underlay, never seen, but always there to support you and your carpet through many foot steps and many years of use. When choosing a new carpet, we will always recommend a new underlay. This is important for your new carpet and your home. By installing a new underlay, you'll know that you'll be providing the carpet with the best support from underneath, this will help prolong the life of the carpet. Also, you'll be getting the latest quality of manufacturing to help with thermal insulation and safety standards, very relevant reasons to consider when considering new flooring. We use excellent quality underlays to ensure they last the life time of your new carpet. Manufacturers such as Carpenters and Interfloor help us provide you with an affordable, durable underlay that will not only make your new carpet look and feel much better, but they'll also provide you with sound and heat insulation, resilience to foot traffic and that all important support for the carpet.

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